Core Tenets

  • Sense of belonging
  • Community building
  • Culturally relevant curriculum
  • Funded through the MN Achievement and Integration Program
  • Includes Equity Alliance MN members districts 

Our goal:  To provide and promote integrated learning opportunities for students, families and staff that support academic achievement and expand cultural understanding.

Academic Achievement

Classroom Partnerships are based on Minnesota Academic Standards

  • Kindergarten: Self & Community
  • 1st Grade: Literacy
  • 2nd Grade: Expressing Culture Through Art
  • 3rd Grade: Science (Environmental Energy)
  • 4th Grade: Science (Engineering)
  • 5th Grade: Language Arts

Cooperative Learning

Through cooperative and project-based learning, students gain insight into their similarities and differences.Cooperative learning groups work together on team-building and problem solving activities.Trained facilitators lead students throughout the entire day of programming.Students meet three to four times during the school year.

Culturally Responsive Learning Environments

  • Intentionally seek student voice and student engagement.
  • Engage all students by providing a respectful climate where instruction and curriculum are designed to respond to the backgrounds and needs of all students.
  • Ensure a positive and academically rigorous learning environment that engages all students.
  • Adapt to the individual need of each student and encourage learning by promoting collaboration rather than isolation of learners.

Technology Integration

Teachers and students use technology to keep their classrooms
connected throughout the school year.

Options include:

  • Videoconferencing:  real time communication
  • Shared Document Collaboration:  using tools like Google, partnered classrooms share academic learning
  • Podcasting:  digital audio recordings
  • VoiceThread:  digital photos and audio recording

Note: Students are communicating in a highly structured environment with
teacher supervision.

To learn more, please contact us or 651-379-2653

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