Using fund balance resources and a Management Improvement Fund grant from the St. Paul Foundation, Equity Alliance MN worked on a new business model and plan, the first step of which was to create the strategic framework below. Our vision and mission statements have been updated with areas of strategic direction and initiatives added. 

1. Provide programs and services that educate and support staff, students, and families and diminish barriers to educational equity.

Strategic Initiatives & Actions:

  • Provide Organization Development to address institutional equity , including but not limited to:
    • Growth in organizational cultural responsiveness
    • Equitable access to college-level courses
    • Equity Audits
    • Assistance with creation of Achievement and Integration plans and budgets
    • Collaboration among members
  • Offer professional learning for administrators, board members, teachers, and staff to build capacity for educational equity.
  • Programming to support underserved students and families; examples include, but are not limited to:
    • AVID education
    • After school programs and Youth Executive Board
    • Classroom partnerships
    • Summer programming (Kindergarten Camp, AVID courses, summer credit courses)
    • PIQE

2. Lead in regional dialogue, advocacy, and action for equitable educational systems and outcomes.

Strategic Initiatives & Actions:

  • Establish an alliance with the West Metro Education Program to expand the geographic reach to stakeholders
  • Assume the leadership role to build connections and partner relationships and to provide easier access to resources such as convening Leadership for Partners for Equity Development
  • Continuing to engage more state agencies and non-profits
  • Advocate for equitable resources for all students
  • Advocate for legislation that supports the work for equity and does not add barriers to achievement
  • Support districts in attracting, supporting, and retaining teachers of color

3. Strengthen Equity Alliance MN’s business model to promote fiscal autonomy, sustainability, and growth

Strategic Initiatives & Actions:

  • Broaden the stakeholder base to include more school districts, charter schools, educational organizations, and individuals
  • Develop our personnel and organizational capacity to provide and expand our programs and services
  • Explore other non-profit structures to accommodate a new business model
  • Develop a comprehensive grant portfolio and actively pursue funding
  • Provide both statewide and national programs and services

Approved by the EMID Board Nov. 16, 2016

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