Equity Alliance MN has been leading educational equity work for over 25 years. We work WITH organizations to support systemic equity and integration through careful and intentional use of professional development; external supports, including equity reviews, facilitation and action planning; and student programming.


Eliminate gaps in E-21 educational opportunity and achievement


Through collaborative learning and advocacy, be the leading force for systemic educational equity and integration


  • Student-focused
  • Equity
  • Integration
  • Opportunities
  • Relationships​


  • ​We believe that race and culture fundamentally shape and influence our core values, our thinking, our policies and our practices.
  • We believe that excellence in education is achieved through equitable, integrated and purposeful lifelong learning.
  • We believe that interdependence is achieved through authentic collaboration.


The East Metro Integration District (EMID) has been providing Culturally Relevant Learning since 1995, through professional learning and student programs in member district schools. Our current member districts are listed to the right. In 1995, the Tri-District created the Harambee Elementary School. In 2001, EMID formed the Crossroads Middle School. In 2014, the Minnesota Legislature conveyed Harambee to Roseville Area Schools and Crosswinds to Perpich Center for the Arts. 

Since the conveyance of the schools, EMID has increased its focus on providing programs and support services focused around professional learning and student programming. Our offerings in both areas have increased, especially in the AVID programs. Interest in our services also has increased in districts, schools, and individuals outside of our member districts.

As part of the EMID Board’s strategic direction to grow the organization’s customer base, we have rebranded ourselves, creating an image and message that is a better reflection of who we are now versus the name “East Metro Integration District.” Some of our members and other clients are not in the “east” metro. The term “district” is harder to explain now that we don’t operate schools.

Therefore, EMID now is doing business as (DBA) Equity Alliance MN.

Our new logo shows the swirling movement of interconnected but separate entities, working in an alliance with other partners, moving toward the goal of educational equity.

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