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With highly trained and certified instructors, Equity Alliance MN is dedicated to providing an array of professional and organizational development services that are designed WITH you to increase racial and cultural awareness and responsiveness in an effort to decrease opportunity and achievement gaps for students of color, Native American students and students living in poverty.   

Our Listen2Lead: A Journey to Race Consciousness Professional Development Series provides training in a customized way that align with district needs or we have developed a PELSB-Approved Professional Learning Series that will take participants from Culture to Bias to Race to better understand racial inequities and how to identify and combat them in their learning spaces.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives:

  • Participants will be able to identify/and interrupt systems and practices or barriers that are harmful to students of color.
  • Participants will be better equipped to create systems that are more advantageous for students of color.
  • Introduce and (re) introduce language that explores racism, in particular, racisms impact in schools.
  • How to mobilize to create an anti-racist school at every level (curriculum, policies, staff, practice).
  • Deconstructing the impact of White superiority is replicated in every facet of schooling/education.
  • Participants engage in learning skills that will enhance abilities to develop authentic relationships with students of color, parents of color, and peers of color, that are steeped in love for their students of color.
  • Participants will identify their intercultural stressors.
  • Participants will learn and practice dialogue protocols to support effective intercultural/interracial engagement.

Equity Alliance MN recognizes that it is challenging for districts to do alone, that is why we are here to support your work. While we have an outline curriculum, we also recognize each district is unique and will work with you to provide customized supports and insight tailored to the equity and community needs of your district. Please reach out to us at 651-379-2679 or email us at info@ea-mn.org

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