Every organization strives to deliver the highest quality service to the clientele they serve. To do this, successfully identifying the diverse needs of internal and external stakeholders requires first understanding how culture impacts every facet of your organization. The ability to work effectively across difference and leverage those differences as an asset is critical to your organization’s long term growth and success.

Equity Alliance MN can support your organization by increasing both the cultural awareness and responsiveness of team members at every level. By examining one’s own culture and the culture of your organization, team members will increase their capacity to bridge understanding across difference and apply inclusive policies and practices so that all stakeholders feel valued and respected.

Equity Alliance MN has additional services to provide and support your organization.


  • Provide consultation to district, school or organizations based on unique needs
  • Support planning, provide input and act as an equity resource


  • Provide facilitation supports for organizational development
  • Support the facilitation of internal and external conversations – from an organizational discussion to a community-wide conversation

Executive Coaching

  • Support executive-level leadership around equity support and development
  • Provide resources, guidance and best practices around equity-centered practices


  • Guide and support the implementation of equity-focused work within your school, district or organization
  • Provide resources, guidance and best practices around equity-centered practices

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