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An Equity Audit is a process that supports a district through data-informed practices to guide decision-making, implementation and action on how to develop context specific strategies to school-community concerns. It is an approach to identify systemic issues and concerns that can be addressed over time through commitment to building relationships, addressing disparities, providing support and continued focus on results through continuous improvement.

Equity Alliance MN works collaboratively with districts supplying the necessary framework, research, tools and support to complete a comprehensive Equity Audit for school districts and organizations. Our process is structured to gather quantitative and qualitative data and
information through a thorough process to understand the outcomes of current systems, as well as the current climate and perceptions of lived experiences.

This process will result in a comprehensive audit that provides insight into current practices, educates on systemic and programmatic inequities, and a foundation to implement the necessary processes and steps to plan for change.

An Equity Audit supports districts and organizations through collection of multiple data points, qualitative and quantitative research, and identifying gaps, areas for growth and strengths by:

  • Walkthroughs at the classroom, school and/or district level
  • Surveys to gather quantitative data from stakeholders utilizing up to seven individualized stakeholder survey options
  • Focus groups and community conversations to gather voice and insight
  • Data aggregation of a variety of district data points through an equity lens
  • A summary of findings and considerations

Equity Alliance MN recognizes that it is challenging for districts to do alone, that is why we are here to support your work as a neutral partner to lead the work. While we have a process, we also recognize each district is unique and will work with you to provide customized supports and
insight tailored to the equity and community needs of your district. Please reach out to us at 651-379-2679 or email us at info@ea-mn.org

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