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YOU Matter!

From the Desk of Sebastian Witherspoon

I believe an educator is akin to a pastor, a nurse, and other professions that require altruism and selflessness. As educators are welcoming our young people back into learning spaces, each staff member needs to know that what they do matters. I hope that someone, somewhere stops and shares how important our educators are in the lives of kids! Without their work, many students will undoubtedly fall through the cracks. Educators matter because they are nurturing the tender hearts and minds of the very individuals who will influence the future and those who our elders will depend on. A simple thank you, though incredibly important, does not suffice as our educational staff embrace this sacred responsibility which requires compassion, patience, and hope, particularly during these unprecedented times.

These are times in which we can clearly see the disparities among students, where educators’ selfless actions are paramount and will be the deciding factor between sustained success and possible failure! Without their hard work and tireless efforts to create a safe and welcoming space where all of our students have a fair opportunity to thrive and flourish, our learners will continually suffer and fail to reap the promises our country claims to offer all of its citizens.

Whether you are a counselor, paraprofessional, teacher, principal, district leader or superintendent, you may feel overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or out of sorts, please remember with deep gratitude:


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