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Classroom Partnerships 2019-2020

In the spirit of inter-district partnership, over the course of 3 years, Columbia Heights and Forest Lake have committed to enhancing student-learning experience by participating in Classroom Partnerships. Classroom Partnerships Programming embeds Culturally Relevant Teaching (CRT) and cooperative learning to create high quality teaching and learning for all students. This includes intentional pairing of classrooms from both urban and suburban districts as well as modeling and coaching for teachers.

Students meet face-to-face at least three times during the school year. Trained facilitators lead the student activities while modeling CRT for the teachers. This year’s learning experience will partner with the Stepping Stone Theater. Students will have the opportunity to learn through theatrical art expression. This year’s theme, Understand my Humanity to see your Humanity, will center its learning on race in and out of the classroom. The Stepping Stone Theater play, The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy De La Rosa, and the book Let’s Talk about Race will be the foundation for teaching for the students inside and outside of the classroom.

Prior to the winter break, seven teachers from Columbia Heights and Forest Lake participated in a full day professional development led by Dr. Marcellus Davis and Janine Stammer, where teachers were immersed in the teachings of culture and CRT skill enhancement that can be applied to the Classroom Partnership learning experience and the everyday classroom experience. While this year’s learning experience is already in progress, we welcome your district’s involvement for the upcoming years. For more information, please contact Janine Stammler jstammler@ea-mn.org

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