What is Kindergarten Readiness Camp?
Kindergarten Readiness Camps provide opportunities for incoming Kindergartners and their families to engage in a diverse learning environment with students from other Equity Alliance MN member districts. The two-week (ten day) camps focus on social and early learning skills that will support students’ transition into Kindergarten.

 ​​Questions for Parents

  • Is your child entering Kindergarten in the fall?
  • Is your child ready to shift away from a play setting to a more structured learning environment?
  • Do you want to boost your child’s confidence and build skills?
  • Would you like support in guiding your child’s learning and development during this transitional time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Kindergarten Readiness Camp might be right for your child. Interested?

To learn more, please contact us info@ea-mn.org or 651-379-2653

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