The time is now to take action! Equity Alliance MN provides districts and organizations with the necessary framework, support and tools to create Equity Action Plans. Our process is structured to be effective, efficient, inclusive, and to inspire the action that is needed to support our students, families and staff in achieving educational equity for ALL students.

Equity Action Plans will result in a plan that is more than words. Action planning will support organizations to:

  • Define equity for their school district
  • Review and align district and school policies and practices
  • Identify equity priorities
  • Determine system gaps in supporting equity
  • Create an Equity Action Plan that results in meaningful change

Through this data-informed process, we work with you to be inclusive and ensure community voice is included to make meaningful and powerful shifts toward making improvements and eliminating barriers to educational equity that often go unrecognized without intentionality and support. We aim to include voices at all levels including district and school-level partners, community partners, families and youth through facilitation and support of Equity Alliance MN.

Equity Alliance MN recognizes that it is challenging for districts to do alone, that is why we are here to support your work. While we have a process, we also recognize each district is unique and will work with you to provide customized supports and insight tailored to the equity and community needs of your district. Please reach out to us at 651-379-2653 or email us at

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