Equity Alliance MN 20-21 Educators of Color Learning Cohort was created to support teachers and educators of color in Minnesota by providing time and space to explore some essential questions that are meaningful and important to our collective work. During this cohort, we will host multiple sessions to discuss:

We understand that teachers of color enter and remain in education when they are provided opportunities for growth and advancement and are able to see how their work, in tangible ways, positively impacts students and contributes to the field of education. The collective learning of educators of color and American Indian educators has the potential to inform the learning of all of Minnesota’s teachers as Culturally Responsive Teaching becomes less abstract, less likely to be misunderstood, and more effectively practiced. 

We also understand that engagement in culturally relevant and meaningful learning positively impacts both teacher retention and student achievement. It also can inspire support staff to consider teaching as their next career.  Students are provided high quality learning when educators of color are developed through culturally responsive professional learning.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Paula O’Loughlin at poloughlin@ea-mn.org.

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